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Safe Driving Tips

UTE & Truck Rental Minchinbury provides fully functional and well-maintained UTEs and trucks to all its clients. It is thus the responsibility of our clients to drive safely to protect themselves and the rented vehicle from any harm.
Here are some safe driving tips to follow for a smooth and secure ride.

Familiarize Yourself with the Vehicle

The first thing you should to do after you get your rented UTE or truck is to familiarize yourself with the vehicle. You may not realize it at first but driving a new vehicle can be difficult so you should take some time to understand it. Acquaint yourself with the equipment, including the brakes, horn and hazard lights.

Drive Comfortably

Before the journey begins, sit in the driving seat and adjust it according to your height. You need to be comfortable and in the right posture while driving to avoid fatigue for the long day of unloading and unpacking ahead. Also, make sure to fasten your seatbelt for safety.

Avoid Speeding

This is a general precaution that you should take while driving any vehicle. But, you should be extra careful when it is a rental UTE or Truck that is fully loaded with your content.

Driving fast will not only put you in danger but may also make your boxes move causing fragile items to break. You should thus drive slowly and at a good pace. Try to leave early to give yourself enough margin to return the vehicle on time.

Be Careful in Poor Weather

You must make sure to check the weather forecast before you plan the journey but if there are any unforeseen changes in the weather, exercise caution. Drive slowly and carefully in case of any rain, hail, fog or snow. Turn on your headlights wherever necessary and avoid slippery routes.

Be Prepared

Plan your journey days in advance and make all arrangements. Map out your routes and pick the one that is the fastest and safest. Decide a time that is suitable and avoid driving at peak hours, during the night or when the sunlight is changing courses. Check the weather and be well-rested before the journey.

Keep Passenger Capacity in Mind

Look at the passenger capacity of your rented vehicle and make arrangements accordingly. Our UTE can seat 1 passenger whilst our trucks can seat 2 passengers. When booking, know that it is illegal to exceed this limit. If you need more people to travel with you for the move, make separate transport arrangements for them beforehand.

Follow the Rules

Be sure to follow road rules while driving and always be polite to other drivers around you. Avoid road rage and keep speeding limits in mind. Always park legally and keep the vehicle out of harm’s way. Also make sure to go through UTE & Truck Rental Minchinbury’s Terms and Conditions before driving.

Follow our safe driving tips to have a secure and enjoyable ride. Give us a call at 02 8039 6196 to book a UTE or truck today.

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