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Organizing your move

Are you planning to move to a new house? Choose a Ute or Truck to suit your needs.

Organising and planning your move is an ideal way to move house and small offices without relying on a removalist.

Tips for organising your move:

Plan Ahead

  • Write down a list of every task so that you can tick them off as you complete them.
  • Decide which items you will sell, dispose of or give away.
  • Start packing the items that you won’t need before moving day.
  • Once you have a date set then book your Truck or Ute.
  • Make sure you inform your friends and family as well as relevant businesses, utilities etc of your new address..

Rent a Truck or Ute to suit your needs

  • Pack up your belongings including clothes, utensils, furniture etc.
  • Rent a Ute or Truck from National Ute & Truck Rentals Minchinbury Ute
  • For heavy items such as furniture, fridges, washing machines, etc. then we have trolleys available for hire. This helps you avoid injuries.
  • If you have opted for a truck, hydraulic lifters assist with transporting heavy furniture. If needed, use ropes to secure items in place.


We provide Packing Material

We have everything you could possibly need including moving trolleys, boxes, tape, covers amongst others. All our products are durable and ideal for moving as well as storing. Visit National Storage to purchase packing material.

Get Insured

We include insurance for Utes & Trucks in the rental cost. It is also recommended to discuss your options with your insurer to protect your belongings during transit.

If you are based in Minchinbury UTE then contact National Ute & Truck Rentals Minchinbury UTE to book a Ute or Truck. Call 02 8039 6196