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Our Story

UTE & Truck Rental Minchinbury has been in the Ute and Truck renting business for over 10 years. In the past decade, we have helped thousands of people across Sydney to move easily and conveniently.

We are always striving to provide the best quality services to our clients. Which is why we have a modern fleet of UTEs and Trucks that we maintain to the highest standards and renew from time to time.

We provide a do-it-yourself solution for those looking to relocate without hiring expensive movers and removalists.

UTE & Truck Rental business started in Sydney as an easy way for people to move things from one place to another. Our renting service is thus a hassle-free process designed for the convenience of our clients.

Our Aim

Our aim at UTE & Truck Rental Minchinbury is to provide the best quality UTEs and Trucks for our clients. We pride ourselves with the hygiene and maintenance of our vehicles that are always kept clean. We are a team of skilled individuals who are always there to help out our clients.

We strive towards providing a reliable, affordable and hassle-free moving solution for our clients. We aim to become the leading UTE & Truck Rental in Australia and are working our way towards it. UTE & Truck Rental is always open to suggestions from our clients as we try to improve our services to suit your convenience.

U&T Main office

Our Ute & Truck Rental

We have a fleet of modern, reliable and clean UTEs and Trucks that you can rent according to your requirements. Our vehicles are all automatic and can be driven with a standard car license. We provide our service Sydney wide and have 13 different pickup locations across the city to provide access to all.

We have 1 tonne UTEs that are suitable for small jobs such as removing waste, moving furniture and more. Our 3 tonne Trucks, on the other hand, are ideal for moving furniture during small office relocations and house moves.

Why Choose UTE & Truck Rental Minchinbury?

  • We have 13 different pickup locations in Sydney.
  • We have experience of over 10 years in the renting business.
  • Our UTEs and Trucks are modern, fast, reliable, and clean.
  • Insurance is covered for in our rental rates providing you with security.
  • Our vehicles are automatic and you just need a standard car license to drive them.
  • We offer short term (2, 3 or 4 hours) and long term rentals (full day and overnight).
  • We provide safe storage space for any extra items with the help of our partner, National Storage.
  • We offer additional moving accessories such as trolleys, packing material and storage boxes.

Meet Our Partner

We are proud partners with National Storage who can provide you with secure storage options for any extra items you want to store. They also offer high-quality packing material to help you pack for your move such as boxes, packing paper, tape and more.

Get in Touch with Us

If you wish to know more about our services or want to hire a UTE or Truck, give us a call today at 02-8039-6196.